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Cloud Servers

1024 MB RAM,25 GB SSD,1.00 TB BW
1024 MB RAM,32 GB SSD,1.00 TB BW
16384 MB RAM,2x110 GB SSD,20.00 TB BW
16384 MB RAM,320 GB SSD,5.00 TB BW
16384 MB RAM,384 GB SSD,5.00 TB BW
2048 MB RAM,55 GB SSD,2.00 TB BW
2048 MB RAM,64 GB SSD,2.00 TB BW
24576 MB RAM,3x110 GB SSD,30.00 TB BW
24576 MB RAM,448 GB SSD,6.00 TB BW
32768 MB RAM,4x110 GB SSD,40.00 TB BW
32768 MB RAM,512 GB SSD,7.00 TB BW
32768 MB RAM,640 GB SSD,6.00 TB BW
4096 MB RAM,128 GB SSD,3.00 TB BW
4096 MB RAM,80 GB SSD,3.00 TB BW
49152 MB RAM,768 GB SSD,8.00 TB BW
65536 MB RAM,1280 GB SSD,10.00 TB BW
8192 MB RAM,110 GB SSD,10.00 TB BW
8192 MB RAM,160 GB SSD,4.00 TB BW
8192 MB RAM,256 GB SSD,4.00 TB BW
98304 MB RAM,1600 GB SSD,15.00 TB BW

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